Health Services

Health Services are available to all current Mount Holyoke Students. All services are confidential. Information regarding visits, tests, diagnosis, referrals and conversations with providers cannot be released or given to anyone without written authorization by the student. Parents/guardians and MHC Administration will be contacted without authorization only if there is a life threatening condition.

The Health Center does not use email to schedule or cancel appointments. To schedule or change appointments, call 413-538-2121. For specific health questions or symptoms, call for 413-538-2242.

Self Care Supplies
MHC Approach to Communicable Diseases

Incoming Student Health Center Packet

All Students must submit the Student Health Center Packet forms by July 1.

Graduating Student Checklist:

  • Physical Exams or forms for employment or graduate school - please call 413-538-2121 for an appointment.
  • Preventative health screening eg. pap smear/STI testing - please call 413-538-2121 for an appointment.
  • Travel outside of the U.S.
  • Prescription refills and overrides
  • Immunization Records - your immunization records will be emailed to you during the week of May 12.  If you require more that the immunization record, you will need to fill out a release of records
  • Health Center Hours
  • Student Injury and Sickness Plan - Your current coverage will continue to August 15th. To find a doctor in your area (U.S. only), refer to the Gallagher Student website.